What are our kids acrobatic gymnastics in Leicester?

Acrobatic gymnastics is a discipline of gymnastics which is based on the floor. We get the groups to work together and create routines, often with music. We love it because it helps develop children socially as well as physically as it encourages them to work together, suggest ideas and work with people they don’t know. On top of that, they learn new skills whilst becoming physically stonger, more flexible and increase co-ordination and timing

Beginners Welcome!

We aim for our sessions to be inclusive and great fun for beginners and children of all abilities. Our classes are all recreational which means we’re just here to learn new skills and have a great time! 

Expect your child to learn cartwheels, handstands, forward rolls, partner balances and much more in our energetic and fun classes!

Health, happy kids

We believe children being active and involved in sport is an essential part of growing up. Exercise keeps the body and mind healthy, helping both school concentration and fitness


We create routines and build up to have performances where parents can come and watch the new skills their children have learnt with us. Making a great occasion where parents can proudly watch.

Making new freinds

Acrobatic gymnastics involves a lot of group work and routines, making it a great way to make new friends and build up a childs confidence through working with new people.

Where are the Leicester ACROBATIC Gymnastics classes?

Judgemeadow Community College, Evington

Mondays (school term time)
Aged 6-12yrs
Boys and Girls

Moat community college

Saturdays (school term time)
Aged 6-12yrs
Boys and Girls

Ask us anything!

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Ask us anything!

Have any questions or would you just like more info?  Then send us a message and we will get back to you straight away!

  • 07845 590 339

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